Hāveri (Karnataka) (IN)

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source: OpenWeatherMap
broken clouds
broken clouds
Sunrise: 02:47
Sunset: 14:51
Temperature: 20.8 *C
Humidity: 97 %
Pressure: 1009 hPa
Wind: 3.6 m/s (WSW - 245*)
No sensor within 100 km.
CO: 0.2203 mg/m3 | (64 km) source: OpenWeatherMap

O3: 16.99 µg/m3 | (64 km) source: OpenWeatherMap

NO2: 2.4 µg/m3 | (64 km) source: OpenWeatherMap

SO2: 0.2 µg/m3 | (64 km) source: OpenWeatherMap

PM10: 1.6 µg/m3 | (64 km) source: OpenWeatherMap

PM2.5: 0.85 µg/m3 | (64 km) source: OpenWeatherMap


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Country: India
Region: Karnataka
Latitude: 14.79354
Longitude: 75.40448